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Super Bowl XLIII to XS: Game Day Strategies for Healthy Snacks

 Julie Upton, RD, is ready for a healthy Super Bowl.  By Julie Upton, RD Over 100 million Americans will watch Super Bowl 44 on Sunday, February 7, 2010.  As the New Orleans Saints take on the heavily favored Indianapolis Colts, many fans will mindless much through hours and hours of football coverage.  As the number […]

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Millions Can Get Cheap Health Insurance, But They Are Running Out Of Time

Roughly 4.2 million people who don’t have health insurance could get coverage for free ― if they act fast. No, that’s not the tagline from a late-night television ad. It’s the real-life finding of a new report from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. The finding, like those schlocky TV spots, comes a big catch. The […]

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