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10 Dining Mistakes We Make When We’re Trying to Be Polite

“Helping” with a tray

Waitress serving burgers to cheerful customers in restaurantwavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

When your server comes to the table with a tray full of drinks or food, it can look like quite the balancing act. While it’s tempting to want to relieve your waitress from some of the weight, please don’t! Servers are pros at balancing even the most precarious load, and if you try and “help” by grabbing that bread basket or glass, you might throw the whole tray off kilter. You can help, though, by moving your glasses, phone or other belongings out of the way when your server puts down your plate.

Splitting the check at the end

A businessman is paying his bill by credit card at the restaurant.Totsapon Phattaratharnwan/Shutterstock

Any server is more than happy to split a bill among a few friends. If you know you plan on dividing the expense, it’s best to let your server know at the beginning of the meal so they can keep track of whose dish is whose a bit easier. Yes, the check can be split at the end, but advance notice is always appreciated (and it can help speed up the process). These are the things that restaurant owners wish they could tell you.

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