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10 Foods That Can Make You Look Older

Look younger by avoiding these foods whenever possible.

Candy bars

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Surprise, surprise: Tossing back candy isn’t great for the aging process. To understand how sugar can lead to older-looking skin, it’s important to consider the two proteins that keep skin looking fresh and youthful: collagen and elastin. Anything that interferes with these proteins is going to have a negative effect—and sugar is one of their biggest enemies. As sugar is digested, it leaves behind debris known as advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. Over time, these AGEs build up and attach themselves to collagen, which can lead to wrinkles and sagging, writes Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD, on Keeping those AGEs in check is key to healthy, youthful skin. And the first step is cutting the sugar. 

Charred meat

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Ever look at the black char on your barbequed steak and wonder how that could possibly be healthy? Turns out, it’s not. Charred meat often contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons. That’s no good since inflammation can break down your skin’s precious collagen. Scrape it off with your fork instead. Here are the 9 secrets dermatologists know about looking younger.


Top view of two beer bottles and a wine on wooden tableLleistock/Shutterstock

Obviously, no one looks their best the morning after too many drinks. But the effects of alcohol on your liver are even more harmful. “When your liver is functioning well, toxins that could potentially affect the skin are expelled naturally through your body,” Ariel Ostad, MD, told Health. “But if toxins build up in your liver, and aren’t broken down properly, your skin can develop a variety of issues, like acne, sallowness, and wrinkles.”

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