10 Group Texting Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Here’s how not to be the most annoying person on your group text chain.

Don’t start a conversation at night

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Trying to get to sleep when your phone is buzzing like crazy is the worst. Don’t start a group text conversation at night when everyone probably has somewhere to be in the morning. A good time to start a group text is the late afternoon or in the evening when people are getting home from work and will be free to engage in a conversation. These are the most annoying texting habits, according to science.

Don’t only talk to one person

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You know that moment when a group conversation turns into just two people? Avoid that at all costs. You don’t need an audience for your one-on-one conversation. If you have something separate to discuss, take it to a private chat and spare everyone else in the group. Here’s when texting is actually better than calling.

Text people who know each other

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Getting a group text with numbers you don’t have is always awkward. You have to ask who it is you’re speaking with, and it tends to get weird. If you have something you want to send to several people who have nothing in common, take the time to text them individually. Or at least introduce them over text. The one time this is acceptable group text etiquette: when you are planning an event that all of the people will be attending. Other than that, avoid throwing everyone into a group of people they don’t know.

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