10 Little Compliments You Should Be Giving Every Day

Spread a little happiness with these nice things to say to friends, colleagues, and even total strangers.

Say: “It’s so good to see you”

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Start any interaction on a good note by simply sharing your excitement about seeing someone. Right off the bat, the other person will know that you aren’t just getting together out of obligation or chance—you’re truly happy to be in that person’s presence. Suddenly, especially when paired with trust-building body language, that person could be more willing to open up and share details that might not have come up if you’d had a more neutral greeting. Find out how to use your body language to build trust.

Say: “I’m so impressed”

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Whether the other person did a great job answering questions after a presentation or handled bad traffic without getting road rage, give a specific reason you’re impressed. Pointing to specific actions will show that you’re sincere. The other person will be flattered that you noticed the little things. Check out these other tips for giving sincere compliments.

Say: “You’ve come so far”

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When a goal still seems far away, it can be easy to get disheartened. If a loved one is working towards a goal, praise that person on the hard work that goes in all along the way. Maybe a smoker has drastically cut down on daily cigarettes, or a friend trying to lose weight has been impressively diligent about getting to the gym? Whatever it is, remind the person that the hard work isn’t going to waste, and motivate him or her to keep up the efforts. Don’t miss these other effortless ways to be a little nicer.

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