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10 Strange Food Jobs That Actually Exist

Cupcake creator

Tasty colorful cupcakes on table Africa Studio/Shutterstock

New cupcake flavors and new ways to eat cupcakes are always being discovered. Cupcake creators come up with those ideas. They develop recipes, try out new flavors, and make sure people will like them.

Fortune cookie message writer

Many Chinese fortune cookie paper with prediction279photo Studio/Shutterstock

Companies pay people to write the words of wisdom that you find in your post-meal fortune cookies. You don’t need any training for the job, but it helps if you are creative and have good grammar skills.

Food artist

Fish lunch box, fun food art for kidsSewCream/Shutterstock

You need only to step into a gallery, craft shop, or museum to discover that artists have been working for centuries to turn food into art in the form of still-life paintings, jewelry, china, decorative eggs, and serving dishes. Jewelers, potters, glass blowers, and craftspeople use every medium from clay to precious metals and gemstones to render food into images for admiration and use. Food is a subject for everything from greeting cards to shopping bags, handbags to Christmas tree ornaments. Food professionals may use their knowledge to design and manufacture kitchen equipment, teapots, and elegant, useful tools for cooks. You won’t believe that these bizarre jobs actually used to exist.

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