10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media About Your Wedding Day

While weddings are a time to celebrate your love, there are certain things you should NEVER post about on the interwebs.

How much you’re spending on the big day


Considering the average cost of a wedding in the United States is upwards of $ 40,000—more and more people are aware of how many pretty pennies have to be shelled out to make the magic happen. Even so, when you begin to crunch the numbers and catch a glimpse at your credit card bill, resist the urge to talk about anything financial online, according to Kali Rogers, dating expert. Not only is that information probably news your partner and your family would rather you kept to yourself, but it could come across as boastful or bragging, even if you’re merely recovering from the shock of how pricey things really are. “There is no need to educate people on the cost of your wedding. Plus, you’re just contributing to the crazy rat race of ‘who can have the nicest wedding’ on social media,” she shares. “Keep this information private.”

Your guest list


More than likely, this is the first time that you and your partner have had to negotiate which of your friends is worthy of a chicken (or fish) dinner and who is getting ousted off of your wedding island. That being said, even if you get irritated because your father-in-law to be wants to invite his whole cricket team to the wedding and you have to skip out on your bestie from junior high, it’s important to keep a tight lip about your guest list (and this includes those potentially annoying wedding guests!). Why? People who thought they should have been given an invite—and weren’t—might get upset. “You need to consider the feelings of those who are not invited to the wedding, those who may be hurt over your impending wedding, like an ex you are still friends with on social media or those who are struggling with their own relationships,” explains Nikki Martinez, PhD. “People who are or were important to you may have mixed feelings, so overloading them with your wedding details constantly may be too much for them.”

Your wedding dress


It might be tough to believe that women break that age-old rule to never let anyone— especially their spouse-to-be!—see them in their luxe gown before they’re walking down the aisle…but it happens. (By the way, make sure you’re wearing the best wedding dress for your body type before you commit to one.) And more often than you think, according to Rogers. “You no longer have to be invited to a wedding to know what decor they used, what the dress looked like, or how much it cost. You can now simply visit friend’s profiles to see how the latest wedding stacked up to others,” she shares. This spirit of competition might encourage brides to try and ‘one-up’ each other and give previews to their wedding dress. But, as Rogers says, the wedding isn’t about what you wear or how much you spent, it’s about the love, and posting an image of your wedding dress online before the big day takes away from the moment you’re meant to share with those you love most, not your entire Facebook feed.

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