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10 Things You Should Put in Your Turkey That Aren’t Stuffing

This year, try a different kind of stuffing.


Composition with whole raw turkey and some products on slate platePhoto: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

The secret to adding extra flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey is to season it liberally. To make sure that your favorite herbs permeate every bit of your bird, stuff a small bundle into the turkey cavity. Thyme, sage, parsley, and a bit of rosemary are a great combination—but feel free to customize to your taste. Bonus points if these fresh herbs come right from your window box garden!

Citrus fruits

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Adding wedges of lemon, orange, lime, and even grapefruit can provide your turkey with an extra layer of flavor. Plus, these fruits add moisture to your turkey as it cooks so you end up with a juicy Thanksgiving centerpiece. Try our Happy Orange Chicken Recipe.

Onions and the like

Different onions and garlic on wooden backgroundPhoto: Shutterstock / Shulevskyy Volodymyr

Onions, shallots, and garlic serve as the foundation of many of our favorite meals, so be sure to include them on Thanksgiving Day. A few cloves of garlic and a quartered onion combined with herbs or any other ingredients on this list are sure to give you a tasty turkey. Find out the 10 tips for buying the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

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