10 Ways to ‘Lift’ and Sculpt Your Cheeks With Makeup

Choose a cool-toned bronzer

When selecting a bronzer, celebrity makeup artist and brand founder Jenny Patkin, advises choosing one that is available in a cooler tone and matte finish, as it helps create a more sculpted and lifted appearance.

“Use a cool-toned, matte finish bronzer under the cheekbones to create a more sculpted, lifted shape,” Patkin recommends. 

To apply your bronzer correctly, Patkin suggests lining the bronzer up vertically under the outer corner of the eye, and then running it over the diagonal plane that runs between the corner of your mouth, and the center of the ear. Once completed, proceed to use a brush to blend until soft. “This will make your bronzer look like a shadow on the skin instead of a streak, which helps to define the cheeks, and slims the appearance of the lower face,” she says. 

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