11 Best Leg Workouts for Women

The best leg workouts are ones that you’ll actually do—and for many people, that means making your lower-body workouts fresh and exciting. Doing the same old exercises for the same number of reps and sets can get boring, fast.

If you find yourself losing interest in your same old leg workout, we have the solution for you: a sampling of the best leg workouts from SELF over the past couple years, so you can be sure to have a fresh new workout to plug into your lower-body day whenever you find your enthusiasm waning.

These leg workouts use a variety of equipment—from kettlebells to dumbbells to resistance bands to your own bodyweight—to challenge every muscle in your lower body. You’ll work your quads with exercises like squat and lunge variations, your hamstrings with exercises like deadlifts and good mornings, and your butt with moves like glute bridges and banded walks.

Plus, you can pick and choose based off what kind of workout you’re in the mood for: Interested in really challenging yourself to lift heavier weight? The barbell workout (#2 below) might be a good one to try. On the flip side, if you want to focus more on explosiveness, the cardio-and-agility leg workout (#7 below) might be for you. Have less than 5 minutes? Then you’ll want to make the most of your time, like with the 4-minute Tabata blaster (#6 below).

Take a look at the routines below to find out all the different—and effective—ways you can get in a good leg workout.

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