11 Celebrities with Multiple Sclerosis

She became famous as a spunky song-and-dance performer, first on the Mickey Mouse Club and then alongside Frankie Avalon in Beach Party films of the 1960s. But during the late ’80s, as she teamed up with Avalon for a reunion tour, Funicello began experiencing symptoms that would soon change the way the world saw her.

“We’d be shooting a scene on the sand, and when I’d try to get up, I couldn’t balance,” Funicello told People in 1992. We’d laugh about it, and Frankie would say, “Look at you, you look like you’ve had too much to drink.” Funicello went public with her MS diagnosis in 1992 amid rumors about her failing health, and a year later, founded the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.

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