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11 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Eggs

You don’t have to resort to a sad bowl of bran cereal to start your day off right.

Whip up a green smoothie


Start your day right by packing in tons of nutrient-rich produce into a simple smoothie. Load your blender with a half-cup each of yogurt and low-fat milk for energizing protein, then top it with a cup or two of your favorite fruits. For an even bigger health punch, go green by adding a cup of vitamin-rich spinach or kale. Don’t worry—spinach doesn’t have a strong taste, so you won’t be able to taste it over the fruit. Or try one of these healthy fruit smoothie recipes.

Get on board with avocado toast


There’s a reason avocado toast has blown up on social media. Not only is the creamy green fruit photogenic, but it’s packed with healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber to keep you full until lunch, along with almost 20 vitamins and minerals. Layer avocado thick on a piece of whole-wheat toast to get its benefits. To make things interesting, try topping it with tomato and basil, corn salsa, fresh crab, or feta cheese. (Related: Don’t miss these healthy breakfast mistakes you didn’t realize you were making.)

Get the lox you love


Lox has just as many heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids as fresh salmon. But you’ll usually find it on top of a high-calorie bagel, which has fast-digesting carbs without much fiber, fat, or protein. This means you’ll end up with a blood sugar spike that leaves you sluggish later. Swap it out for an 8-inch whole wheat tortilla, then top it off with two tablespoons of light cream cheese, an ounce of smoked salmon, and as much cucumber, arugula, and sprouts as you’d like before rolling it up.

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