11 Little Tricks to Stop Being Socially Awkward

Even the most confident communicators can sometimes feel insecure at a party, meeting, or other friendly get-together. Use these pro tips to summon your swagger, or at least feel more self-assured.

Play host


Put yourself more at ease by taking the lead socially. “Introduce people to each other,” suggests Dianna Booher, author of Communicate With Confidence: How to Say It Right the First Time and Every Time. “Take hats and coats and invite other guests to help themselves to the food.” People will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you’ll always find yourself in the center of things because people will be “coming and going” all around you. Check out the habits that can help nix social anxiety.

Bring a buddy


By attending events with a friend, you get the opportunity to introduce your pal to small groups as you join them, offering an intriguing “tag line” about them. “Your buddy can return the favor in your introduction,” Booher says. “These ‘partner’ introductions seem much less intrusive and self-serving and give you an interesting way to connect with others.” Don’t miss these tips for sharpening your small talk skills.

Embrace an opportunity

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Stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone often has a real payoff. The fact is that trying new experiences, even if you have to endure a bit of discomfort, can lead to personal growth and inner strength, according to recent Psychology Today article. If you’re feeling lonely, try some of these strategies for making a human connection.

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