11 Must-Try Tricks for Having Healthy, Gorgeous Hair All Summer Long

Escape chlorine green hair

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If you spend most of your day in the pool, you know you’re at risk of ending up with green hair, especially if you color your hair. “This happens when the chemicals from some hair dyes mixes with chlorine,” explains DiVine. “A way to reduce the green hue is by washing your hair with baking soda and leave it in for a few minutes.” Kacey also stresses that blondes need to be especially careful. “Malibu C is a great shampoo for swimmers and keeps the green out,” she says. Bernhards Ziverts, owner and master stylist at New York’s Matii Salon, says the chemicals in chlorine will ruin the hair shelf, especially if the hair is highlighted or colored. He advocates deep conditioners and keratin treatments to maintain hair health and keep it shiny and vibrant.

Don’t let sweat get you down

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If you don’t want your hair to look oily, keep it away from the sweat on your body. “A fishtail braid or simple updo will move you hair away from common sweaty areas such as your forehead and the back of your neck,” says DiVine. Kacey recommends stashing bobby pins and elastics in your beach bag all summer long, so you’re never caught short when you want to create that top knot, bun, ponytail, or braid or one of these other gorgeous no-heat hairstyles that won’t harm your hair.

Don’t get brassy

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If you have color-treated hair, summer brings out your worst enemies: sun, salt, and chlorine. “These factors can cause a chemical reaction on your hair, causing your color to become brassy,” explains celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons. He recommends protecting the hair with a heat protection/UV protection spray, like the Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray. Spray it liberally about five inches away from your hair, from mid-shaft to the ends, then let hair dry. Many heat protection sprays can be used both on dry hair, too, when you feel like you need extra help. Here are some more tips to repair dry hair right at home.

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