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11 Secrets of People Who Always Have an Organized Fridge

Learn to pack your refrigerator to keep ingredients fresh and how long your food should be kept to avoid food poisoning.

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If you’ve already mastered kitchen organization and pantry organization it’s probably time to tackle the dreaded fridge. A well-organized fridge is essential to fuss-free cooking and you don’t have to be a professional organizer to make your fridge layout function for you. When you unpack your weekly grocery load, it’s worth taking the time to position items in your fridge according to where they will keep best and how often you need access to them. Most items you buy from a supermarket for storage in the fridge will have a use-by date. If you are buying locally, ask your shopkeeper how long items can be kept before using. To help you get started, follow these guidelines for an organized fridge.

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They push their milk to the back

Milk is a frequently used item, so your instinct is to store it in a convenient place, but it’s better to store it in a cold place. On the bottom shelf in the back is the best. If you buy multiple gallons of milk at a time, arrange it so that cartons with the earliest use-by dates are reached first.

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