11 Subtle Ways Your House Can Predict Your Personality

Your bed says


How often you exercise, and how you feel about your job. If you think making your bed is a waste of time, it’s more likely that you hate your job and avoid the gym. One survey of 68,000 people found that those who make their beds are more likely to like their jobs and to exercise regularly. Psychologists say it could be because happy people aim for an ordered life (rather than a chaotic one).

Your wall art says


How neurotic you are. Psychologists have found that inspirational quotes and posters are usually a sign of neuroticism. These people may try to use their environment as a way to calm their worries and help them through the day.

Your chair says


How you negotiate. Research has shown that people negotiate more vigorously when sitting on a hard seat compared to a soft seat. In a study published in the journal Science, those sitting on hard chairs drove a harder bargain and were less willing to raise their offer when haggling. Researchers say a hard physical surface may subconsciously make your frame of mind more rigid. If you’re planning a tough conversation with a family member, consider moving to the living room.

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