11 Things Highly Organized People Do on Their Smartphone

Take advantage of these neat tips and let your phone keep your life together.

They master their to-do list


To-do lists are key to living an organized life, and having access to them wherever you go with a smartphone only makes them even more effective. Organizing expert Donna Smallin Kuper recommends using an app like Any.Do to create a master list of everything you know you need to accomplish. Then, pick a few tasks each day that you want to get done, and add them into the open slots on your calendar. “There’s a saying that what gets scheduled gets done, and I really think it’s true,” Kuper says. These are the things all highly organized people do on the weekend. 

They grocery shop as they go


Paper grocery lists can be a pain to write out, and even harder to keep track of. Instead, Kuper uses the Android app “Out of Milk” to record what groceries she’s running low on and what she needs to buy regularly. The app also sorts your items into categories—produce, dairy etc.—to make grocery shopping a breeze.

They pay without plastic


Dozens of credit cards and loyalty cards weighing your wallet down? Kuper recommends lightening your load by taking advantage of the various pay apps available for smartphones, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. These apps let you load your credit or debit card information right onto your phone, and all you need to do at the store is tap your device on a sensor to pay. You can also link your loyalty and rewards cards with the app, allowing for quick and easy savings. These are the best apps for becoming more organized.

They make multitasking look easy

Cropped image of female holding smartphone getting message with confirmation making transaction on laptop computer,woman using mobile phone app for synchronizing data with netbook via bluetoothGaudiLab/Shutterstock

Juggling a bunch of projects at once can get messy, but professional organizer Alejandra Costello of suggests using a project management app like Basecamp to stay organized with separate to-do lists, due dates, and schedules for each of your endeavors. Basecamp syncs your information between your computer, phone, and tablet, allowing you to start a new project or finish up an old task any time, anywhere.

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