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11 Things That Secretly Annoy Every Bake Sale Shopper

Shopping at a bake sale is usually for a good cause, but there are still certain things that bother people about them. Here are the things we are all secretly annoyed at while browsing a bake sale.

Bake sale blues

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We all love the idea of a good bake sale. Homemade goodies on sale for just a few bucks? Sign us up! But sometimes shopping a local bake sale can leave us wanting more (after all, how many of us have walked away from the table empty-handed?). So learn what’s pestering all your prospective customers—and make sure to avoid these basic bake sale mistakes.

No allergy-free treats

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Many folks approach a bake sale table only to leave disappointed. That’s because allergy-free treats are rarely offered at bake sales, which means hopeful kids and parents need to miss out on donating to a good cause—and scoring a sweet bake sale treat. Get around this problem with these tasty allergy-free treats.

Store-bought desserts

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Yes, it can be time-consuming to make homemade treats. But isn’t buying a dozen cupcakes at the grocery store and selling them at a bake sale a little bit like cheating? If you’re asked to contribute to a bake sale but don’t have the time or talents, ask the organizer if you can volunteer by purchasing napkins or plates instead. Even ask if you can be of help on social media or with other publicity.

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