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12 Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes You’ll Want to Try Right Now

Quinoa and plum salad with ACV dressing

Green salad bowl with spinach, quinoa, walnuts and dried cranberries on wooden backgroundEkaterina Kondratova/Shutterstock

Many apple cider vinegar recipes put a tasty twist on traditional oil-and-vinegar dressing like this one does. This is an easy-to-make, nutritious salad whose different components each pack some great health benefits of their own, in addition to those of the ACV. Prepare a half-cup of raw quinoa according to the package directions (though the Handbook recommends swapping the water for vegetable stock), cover it, and set it aside. Heat up two tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan and add four minced garlic cloves, 16 ounces of chopped green beans, and half a teaspoon of dried dill. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and cook for about two minutes.

On to the apple cider vinegar dressing! Mix together a quarter-cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of mustard, half a cup of ACV, two tablespoons of honey, and just a dash of salt until smooth. When all of the components are prepared, arrange five ounces of arugula on the plate. Crumble four ounces of goat cheese on top. On top of that, spread the green bean mixture, along with the cubed fruit of two plums. Garnish with some pecans and add the dressing to your heart’s content! This sounds so delicious you just might forget you’re eating a salad. But you’ll get health benefits galore: Protein from the quinoa, vitamins, and nutrients from the plums and green beans, and healthy fats from the olive oil. Here are some more tasty and healthy salad recipes to try.

Fruity ACV salad

Mint Salad with Pomegranate and Wheat BerryDreamer Company/Shutterstock

Bolster the powerhouse benefits of apple cider vinegar with the antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients found in your favorite fruits. For this easy-to-make salad, boil a cup of raw wheat berries in three cups of water, and then cook the mixture over medium-high heat for about 30 minutes. Drain, and stir in 15 ounces of garbanzo beans. Next, fry up five cups of chopped raw kale in two tablespoons of olive oil until tender. Pour that mixture into the wheat berries and garbanzo beans and stir them together. To that mixture, add two cups of chopped peaches, a cup of blueberries, a cup of sliced strawberries, and half a cup of chopped almonds. Sprinkle on some cinnamon for some extra sweetness!

Finally, in a separate bowl, whip up your ACV dressing by combining a quarter cup of it with two tablespoons of pure maple syrup, a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, and a sprinkling of salt. Pour the dressing over the salad and enjoy! This recipe makes enough for four servings.

Edamame salad

Mediterranean salad / Edamame salad, shallow depth of filedvm2002/Shutterstock

If you’ve never tried these protein-rich soybeans, you’re in for a treat! Mix together a pound of shelled edamame with a pound of green peas. Add in 12 ounces of black soybeans, half of an onion cut into slices, and a quarter cup of olive oil. Toss all of that with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar, a dash of salt and pepper to taste, and about a half a cup of chopped basil leaves. Once you’ve mixed everything together, store it in the fridge for half an hour for maximum flavor. Give it a try and discover a yummy new way to eat your greens! Plus, learn about how apple cider vinegar can help promote weight loss.

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