12 Famous Sibling Rivalries Throughout History

Jim and John Harbaugh

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Sports are already competitive. Then, you take two brothers who happen to be NFL coaches and have their teams duke it out on the field, and some battles are bound to happen. The biggest one of all was when the brothers (who are only 15 months apart) went head to head at Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. John came out on top, and the post-game handshake was interesting. The two fight, says John, especially with their fiery personalities, on and off the field. Find out what birth order reveals about your personality.

The Andrew sisters


While LaVerne, Maxene, and Patty worked together to top the charts as a trio singing group, the sisters reportedly refused to speak to one another offstage. Later, Patty even joined another group without telling the other sisters. But LaVerne and Maxene got their sweet revenge when Patty’s solo act was panned. Here are some more famous rivalries between sisters.


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Liam and Noah Gallagher are known for their twitter fights, physical fights, and legal battles. Their first famous fight was in 1994 when Liam hit Noel with a tambourine. They haven’t worked things out since then. They even had a very public battle in January 2018 when Noel said he had no intention of reuniting Oasis. And then Liam got nominated for a 2018 BRIT Award, and the rivalry continues.

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