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12 Healthy Desserts That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Give your sweet tooth a taste of what it craves, and you’ll find yourself making healthier choices throughout each day.

Chocolate Pudding

chocolate puddingCourtesy Amy Gorin

While I’m a huge dessert fan, as a registered-dietitian nutritionist and healthy-recipe blogger I’m always looking for ways to whip up a sweet treat with nutritious ingredients. That’s how this vegan chocolate pudding came to be. It’s made with just bananas, powdered peanut butter (unsweetened), and coconut. The bananas provide blood-pressure-helping potassium, and the peanut butter adds protein to keep you feeling satiated. I promise you won’t miss the sugary version. Don’t miss these additional vegan dessert recipes.

Fruit Salad with Orange Blossom Water

fruit saladCourtesy lindsey pine

If you’re looking for a refreshing treat, how about a fruit dessert with a twist? This fruit salad with orange blossom water isn’t any ordinary fruit salad, says Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, a certified sports dietitian in Los Angeles. “The orange blossom water and fresh chopped mint elevate the fruit to a whole new level with an intoxicating floral aroma,” she says. “Melons contribute so much nutrition, including fiber and antioxidants—such as the healthy vision-promoting antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.” Prefer a salad with berries, mango, kiwi, grapes, and oranges? Fork into this California fruit salad from Heather Bainbridge, EdM, MA, RDN, a private practice dietitian in Bucks County, PA. Check out more exotic fruits that will change your diet forever.

Healthy Energy Bites

healthy energy bitesCourtesy Courtesy EA Stewart

Naturally sweet, apricot- and date-sweetened treats make a healthy dessert. These healthy energy bites “take only 10 minutes to make and are perfect for an after-dinner treat or anytime you need a quick, yet sustainable burst of energy,” says EA Stewart, RD, an integrative dietitian in San Diego. Or try these almond-pistachio cocoa bites, with a hint of chocolate and a base of almond butter—they offer a satiating combo of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Can’t get enough chocolate? Whip up chocolate walnut orange bites from Rachel Begun, MS, RDN, a culinary nutritionist in Los Angeles. “They are so rich in flavor, you won’t believe they are healthy,” she says. “The combination of cocoa powder, orange rind, ginger, walnuts, and Medjool dates makes for a sophisticated flavor profile while also providing all the health benefits.”

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