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12 of the Coolest McDonald’s Locations Around the World

Your local McDonald’s has nothing on these architectural feats of fast food fandom.

The Oversized Happy Meal

mcdonalds dallas texasJames Kirkikis/shutterstock

There’s no way anyone could mistake this building for anything other than a McDonald’s. The gigantic Happy Meal-shaped restaurant in Dallas, Texas, is covered with paintings of famous McDonald’s characters. Inside, you’ll find one of the biggest Playplaces in any McDonald’s—plus Ralph Lauren wallpaper, mahogany booths, and chandeliers. That’s probably the best surprise you can find in any Happy Meal box.

A McDonald’s Fit for The Queen

mcdonalds londonVicky Jirayu/shutterstock

London is filled with majestic architectural marvels fit for royalty, so it’s no wonder that this McDonald’s looks like a miniature palace of its own. You’ll find this location near Soho, a neighborhood known for its theaters, nightlife, and shopping. To learn more about McDonald’s, check out these 75 mind-blowing facts about McDonald’s.

Air Force Ronald

mcdonalds new zealandFotos593/shutterstock

Between 1961 and 1966, this airplane was used by South Pacific Airlines. Now, it’s attached to a McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand. You can even eat your Big Mac on the plane!

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