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12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About McDonald’s Nuggets

Its sauces have changed over time

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Right now, you can dip your nuggets into signature sauce, spicy buffalo, creamy ranch, habanero ranch, honey mustard, honey, sweet ‘n’ sour, or tangy barbecue. But back in the day, you might have enjoyed pairing yours with discontinued options like Szechuan sauce, zesty Italian, green chili salsa, or hot mustard.

They contain 30 ingredients

Flour close up background. A pile of flour on a white background. Spilled flour. Flour textureulrich22/Shutterstock

There’s chicken of course, but their other ingredients include vegetable oil, flour, vegetable starch, and leavening agents. Don’t miss these 14 things you never knew about the Big Mac.

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