12 Things You Should Never, Ever Do to Your Skin, According to Dermatologists

You probably know better than scour your face like a bathtub, but some of the skin care no-nos are more subtle. Here’s what to avoid at all costs.

Never pop a pimple


When a pimple is big and red and gross and you want it gone ASAP, popping it can seem like a good idea. “It is so tempting to do,” says Boca Raton dermatologist Jeffrey Fromowitz, MD. “But whenever you create a disruption in the skin, it increases the chance of infection, worsening inflammation and even scarring.” Instead, if you have a really prominent pimple you want to pop, go see your dermatologist—or try this dermatologist-approved way to pop a pimple.

Never leave home without applying sunscreen


You might be diligent about slathering on sunscreen while lying on the beach, but it’s just as important to put it on even if you’re heading to the office. “Make sunscreen a part of your daily routine,” says Dr. Fromowitz. “Exposing your skin to sun without sunscreen increases your risk of skin cancer and damages the collagen in the skin leading to lines and wrinkles as well as sun spots.” And if you plan to be out in the sun extensively, take extra protective measures. “Wear sun protective clothing and avoid the middle of the day,” suggests Jeremy Brauer, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Ronald O. Perelman, Department of Dermatology. “And schedule outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun isn’t as strong.”

Never get lemon or lime on your skin while in the sun

03-lime-Things-You-Must-Never-Ever-Do-to-Your-Skin,-According-to-Dermatologists_544921180-Radu-BercanRadu Bercan/Shutterstock

A common home remedy for acne is lime juice, the rationale being that it has antioxidants and antibiotic properties while promoting skin renewal and improving elasticity. But it could cause problems. “You will get a ‘phototoxic’ reaction, which can be a blister or just pigmentation that can last for months,” says dermatologist Alejandra Vivas, MD, of Minars Dermatology. “A common scenario is for someone drinking a beer with lime at the beach to get some lime juice on their hand.” These are the worst pieces of skincare advice dermatologists have ever heard.

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