13 Best Water Bottles 2020 That Might Get You to Stay Hydrated

While there’s often confusion over how much water you should drink per day, chances are you should probably drink more. The best water bottles can help with that, making it simple to stay hydrated throughout the day. There’s no better time to invest in one (or many) that fits your lifestyle, because chances are, with many gyms still closed and some water fountains closed due to the pandemic, you’ve spent more time in spaces where water is less conveniently accessible. Maybe you’re running , biking, hiking, doing yoga in your living room, or picnicking in the park. Perhaps you’re traveling by car more often and need a bottle that best fits your cup holder, or spending hours at your desk, where you want to ensure your bottle doesn’t sweat everywhere.

Whatever your needs, prioritizing and protecting your health is crucial, especially now. Sure, you could buy plastic bottled water in bulk, but that’s expensive and terribly wasteful. Why do that to yourself when there are so many gorgeous receptacles that make drinking water a joy, a convenience even, instead of a chore? Bottles that chill your beverages for hours (or keep hot drinks actually hot)? That don’t slip out of your hands, or soak your belongings? That fit cozily in your hand for runs, collapse totally flat for travel, and come with straws for sipping? That can be thrown in the dishwasher? And that, oh yeah, help the environment by drastically reducing your plastic consumption? If you don’t have a water bottle like this, we’ve got you. Below, a breakdown of best-selling bottles and what they’re best suited for. 

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