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13 Casserole Recipes That Cost Less Than $2 Per Serving

There are a lot of things to love about casseroles. They're easy to make, hearty, often full of cheese, and usually produce a ton of servings that can easily be packed up for meal prep. But nothing tops how inexpensive they can be. Casseroles frequently call for cost-effective ingredients—usually things like canned or frozen vegetables and grains that you might already have in your pantry. In fact, some casseroles are so budget-friendly, they end up costing less than $ 2 per serving to make.

If you're wondering where to find those recipes, look no further. These 13 casseroles from budget bloggers will really cost you that little, and they are as delicious as they are affordable. The list below includes something for whatever you're craving, whether that's pesto and ricotta-stuffed shells, shepherd's pie, or butternut squash gratin. Make one or two of them on Sunday so you'll have leftovers to munch on all week long, or stash some away in your freezer for later.

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