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13 Drive-Through Workers Spill the Craziest Things They’ve Seen at Work

It takes a brave soul to work the drive-through.

Working the drive-through is no picnic


Fast food workers get a bad rap for being lazy. All they have to do is take orders, give change, and hand people their food, right? Wrong. On these Reddit threads, current and former fast-food workers revealed the weirdest things they’ve seen while working a drive-through window, from the confusing to the downright creepy. You’ll also went to check out the 7 dirty secrets restaurant staff won’t tell you.

Morning cup of… what?

alcoholkaranik yimpat/Shutterstock

“Had a guy come through Tim Hortons in the morning. Go to give him his coffee and he asks me to wait a second. Grabs the beer from his cup holder and chugs the rest of it. Throws it out the open passenger window, takes coffee from my hand, says thank you and drives away.”

The odd couple

skeletonJakub Ustrzycki/Shutterstock

“I worked at a McDonald’s last year. We had a regular drive-through customer who was odd. He had a huge beard and was always wearing a Hawaiian button-up shirt, and always had a fake skeleton wearing a hat in his passenger seat. I still don’t have any ideas as to why.” Learn the 9 foods nutritionists never order at fast-food restaurants.

Pizza for you, nightmares for me

PizzaT.A. Scarpino/Shutterstock

“A guy nonchalantly ordered a slice of cheese pizza while his hands were covered in blood a few days ago. He didn’t acknowledge it at all. I gave him some extra napkins.”

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