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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Eat Late at Night

If you can’t get through late-night TV without munching on something, you should definitely avoid these health-wrecking, weight-adding choices.

Late-night snacking

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We all remember a youthful night or two (or ten) fueled by energy drinks, pizza, and cookies. But it wasn’t good for us then, and it’s even worse now. Increasingly, research indicates that when you eat can be as important as what—and if you make bad food choices late at night, you can do even more damage to your health and waistline. We surveyed registered dietitians across the country to find out what they never, ever eat before turning in.

French fries

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“Sleep is so important to our overall wellness, so I definitely try to avoid habits that will interfere with quality sleep!” says Caroline West Passerrello, RD, owner of Caroline West, LLC. “To that end, I rarely eat fried foods and never eat them a few hours before bed. The high fat content will keep your body focused more on digestion than sleep, and it may also lead to heartburn or reflux if you are prone to either.” Instead, you’ll want to try these 16 bedtime snacks that help you sleep better.


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Sure, a glass of wine will mellow you out—it is a depressant. But booze has been shown to decrease rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and that interferes with your sleep quality so that you wake up feeling less rested, warns Libby Mills, RD, a culinary nutrition consultant in Philadelphia. Additionally, research has linked binge drinking with insomnia.

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