13 Foods You Should Never Order on a First Date

Spaghetti and meatballs

spaghettiiStock/marianvejcikLet’s be honest, the date is not going to turn out like Lady and the Tramp. Instead, it’s more likely to end up like Lady and the Spaghetti Sauce in Her Lap. Go for penne or ziti if you’ve got a craving for Italian. While you’re eating. remember to avoid this list of words you should never say on a first date.

Spicy foods

spicyiStock/gmvozdSpices do pack in some great health benefits, but if you need to use your napkin as a sweat rag, the meal is too spicy for a date.


soupiStock/karelnoppeSlurping and splashing are not romantic. Simple as that. Don’t forget to avoid these other annoying dating habits, either.

Hamburgers bigger than your mouth

hamburgeriStock/wundervisualsCramming a greasy hunk of meat into your face? It’s not exactly pretty to watch.

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Anything off the dollar menu

dollar-menuiStock/lisovskayaIf that oversized burger came from a fast food kitchen, that’s two strikes. But if you are going to take your date to a fast-food joint, at least super-size it. Check out these classier ways to be romantic on the cheap.


beansiStock/robynmacThe more you eat, the more you… enough said. That doesn’t make for a great date.

Lobster, crab, any kind of shellfish really

lobsteriStock/gmvozdIt’s hard to look at someone romantically while they are ripping apart a once-living creature from the bottom of the sea with their bare hands.


spinachiStock/4kodiakIt will end up stuck in your teeth. You don’t want to give the impression that you have poor oral hygiene, do you? Check out these dating deal breakers for women.

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Garlic bread

garlic-breadiStock/bhofack2The super tasty appetizer could lead to a super awkward good night kiss—unless, of course, your date is eating it as well. Also be sure to avoid these other culprits of bad breath.


tacosiStock/bhofack2It is scientifically impossible to look attractive while eating a taco. The same can be said for basically any other Mexican foods you need to pick up.

Wings and ribs

wingsiStock/mphillips007Any menu item that comes with a Wet Nap should be avoided at all costs.

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buffetsiStock/hin255You will inevitably grab too much food at a buffet. It’s what makes you human, unless you have immense self-control, in which case, we envy you. Make sure you know the most sought after trait when dating.

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