13 Hairstyle Mistakes That Age You the Most

Too much volume

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We’ve all seen an unfortunate, outdated beehive on an otherwise youthful face. When it comes to volume, Canale urges you to find a balance. “Some clients think their hair must have height in order to look good. They then over-tease and add unnecessary hairspray, drastically aging their face.” He suggests talking to your hairstylist about volumizing shampoo and having him or her arm you with blow-drying tips that you can easily recreate at home.

Skipping bangs

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“Bangs are a great, flattering choice for older women,” says Ricardo Dinis, global artistic director at Aveda. “They’re fun, creative and, most importantly, they frame your eyes.” In general, bangs should hit at the lower half of the brow, just above the eye. A huge plus for anti-aging hair care: bangs help hide wrinkles and severely receding hairlines and help to make your hair look thicker.

Not taking into account hair quantity

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As unfortunate as it may be, hair gets thinner and breaks more easily as we get older. When we age, we need to recalibrate our hairstyles to account for both the quality and the quantity of the hair we currently have. Take inventory and consider a shorter style if you have experienced significant thinning. “Having a bob or a shorter cut will place hair at its thickest, fullest, and most manageable phase,” says Ricardo Dinis, hair stylist. “A classic pixie cut is one of my personal favorite styles for an older woman,” he concludes. If you suspect your hair is thinning at a rapid pace, your diet may be to blame.

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