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13 Secrets Food Truck Employees Aren’t Telling You

Food trucks have come a long way since they started out, with many now hawking gourmet cuisine from their mobile confines and attracting long lines of foodies eager to get their hands on the highly coveted delicacies. But every restaurant on wheels has some secrets, and these food truck facts just might surprise you.

Safety standards are inconsistent

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Considering how popular food trucks have become, you might expect them to be as regulated as an equally loved restaurant, but depending on the state, that’s not necessarily the case. According to Stop Food Borne Illness, safety standards can vary widely from state to state and even within a state. “Food-safety advocates would like to see national standards for how food is handled and stored on trucks.” Check out the strangest food laws in every state.

They’re not making a fortune

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Outsiders might see the lengthy food truck lines as a potential business gold mine, but just as with restaurants, the profit margin is narrow. It’s also important to consider the start-up expenses of a mobile business. There’s the cost of purchasing a food truck and a point-of-sale system for transactions, website design and marketing costs, legal or consulting fees to help owners learn the ins and outs of local ordinances, and the costs of producing the product. A popular item doesn’t always equal huge profits, especially right away. According to Forbes, it can cost upward of $ 125,000 to kick off a food truck business. Find out 9 gross things restaurants do to save money.

Food trucks come with unique risks

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When you’re a restaurant constantly on the move, there are safety checks that have to happen each and every time before you start the engine. After all, we’re dealing with traveling propane here. In 2014 a Philadelphia woman and her daughter died from injuries sustained in a food truck explosion. Investigators determined that a propane vapor leaked from one tank and filled the truck, resulting in a flame from the grill that sparked the explosion. Look at what delivery trucks were like back in the day.

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