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13 Things Starbucks Employees Won’t Tell You

Take advantage of the Rewards program

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Employees would happily tell you about this yet most customers still don’t use the program. “Many think Starbucks is expensive, but it’s actually NOT if you drink two cups a day and you join the Starbucks Rewards program, which gets you free refills, coffee marketer and aficionado Mathew Rincon tells Reader’s Digest. Plus, some stores allow you to get a refill even if you bought the first cup at a DIFFERENT location, according to Rincon. However, this is definitely not an official Starbucks policy, according to their site.

Refills are just the beginning when you join the Rewards program. Being a member means you’re eligible for a Birthday Reward (almost anything on the menu), which is redeemable up to two days before and one day after your birthday. Just make sure you’ve purchased something at any Starbucks within the last 12 months.

You’ll also receive emails from Starbucks offering you the opportunity to earn free credits toward free food and drinks by ordering a certain beverage, playing a particular game, or participating in some other activity or event (be sure to opt-in for these emails, the Starbucks website advises). If you level up to a “gold” membership, you can double your rewards (and thus earn your free stuff twice as quickly!).

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