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14 Chicken Dinners That Cost Less Than $2 to Make

Though it may seem like meat is always kind of expensive, you can totally cook a hearty, chicken dinner for just a couple bucks. The protein source is available in many affordable forms at the supermarket—take canned, rotisserie, cold cut, whole, or frozen chicken, for example. Most of the time, these products will cost you around $ 5 a pop, often even less than that. That means that in most cases, you can use them to make a meals that will cost less than $ 2 per serving—yes, really!

If you're not convinced, these 14 recipes will show you just how easy it can be to make a chicken dinner on the cheap. Developed by budget bloggers who know what it takes to make meals affordable, they include a wide array of dishes that seem like they'd be expensive, but totally aren't. Along with chicken, they take advantage of similarly affordable, nutrient-packed ingredients, meaning they're all pretty darn nutritious, too. Get ready for fall-appropriate pumpkin stews, restaurant-worthy chicken thighs and artichokes, zesty salads, chicken skillets, and so much more.

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