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14 McDonald’s Items You’ll Only Find in Britain

Chicken Legend

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How’s that for an exciting name? The McDonald’s chicken sandwiches in Great Britain come with crispy chicken (sorry, no grilled option) on a wheat roll, with a spread of mayo, spicy mayo, or BBQ sauce. Learn 12 things you never knew about Chicken McNuggets.

Chicken wraps

Chicken wrapsVia

Chicken wraps weren’t a huge seller in the United States, so McDonald’s started phasing them out of the U.S. market in 2016. But if you miss having that healthier option, U.K. franchises have your back. They come in buffalo, garlic mayo, sweet chili, or BBQ, and this time you can have your choice of crispy or grilled. Do you remember these other 11 McDonald items that totally failed?

Spicy Vegetable Deluxe

Spicy vegetable deluxeVia

Even though the salads seem safe, U.S. McDonald’s doesn’t guarantee any of its products are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Not so with the Spicy Vegetable Deluxe sandwich from the United Kingdom, which is approved by the Vegetarian Society. It comes with a chickpea patty spiced up with cilantro and cumin, plus sweet chili sauce.

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