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15 Foods You Probably Shouldn’t Keep in Your Pantry

Are you the type of person who throws anything that’s not dairy or fresh veggies in the pantry? You should really read this.

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For many grocery staples, it’s obvious where they belong in your kitchen, but the jury is still out on a few products (or so you thought). No one wants to see food go bad because it was in the pantry instead of the fridge or the fridge instead of the freezer. According to experts, the following foods should absolutely never be kept in the pantry. And according to experts, here’s how to keep last week’s groceries fresh.

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Tomato sauce

Your pantry may be stocked with tomato sauce you bought the last time there was a sale, but it always should go in the fridge after you open it. “In the old days, a lot of us used to keep tomato sauce in the pantry,” Lydia Buchtmann, spokeswoman for the Food Safety Information Council, told HuffPost Australia, “but since then these products have gotten a lot healthier, so they’ve got less unhealthy preservatives in them like salt.” Here are 15 more storage food guidelines you didn’t know.