15 Funny Things Only First-Time Grandparents Can Relate To

It’s okay to admit that you might sympathize a little too much with your daughter’s growing belly.

You can’t get over the shock: Your baby just had a baby

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You still can’t look at your daughter without seeing the sleeping, chubby-cheeked infant she used to be. And now that baby has her own chubby-cheeked infant? And she looks like a carbon copy of your baby? Craziness—of the best kind!

You might sympathize a little too much with your daughter’s pregnant belly

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Who cares if yours is mostly filled with beer and burritos? You can still bond over being unable to find pants that fit and having heartburn. Just don’t talk about your “delivery” plan though—that’s a step too far!

You might be even more excited about the baby than their parents are

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First-time parenting comes with a host of anxiety, expenses, and upheavals along with the joy. First-time grandparenting, on the other hand, is all the fun minus most of the worries. This means you get to have all the excitement without stressing over midnight feedings or diaper blowouts. Just try not to rub it in too much.

You start identifying as “grandpa” before the baby’s even born

Asian grandfather holding grandson and walking in the gardenRaywoo/Shutterstock

As soon as you see that little kidney bean on the ultrasound picture, you adopt the title of grandpa… and wear it on a T-shirt… and wear that shirt everywhere. So what if that grandbaby-to-be doesn’t even know who you are yet? They will soon enough, and you’ll make sure that “papa” is the first word they say. (Okay, maybe the third, after “mama” and “dada.”) You’ll definitely want to check out what grandparents are called in other languages.

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