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15 Genius Ingredients to Add to Your PB&J


Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.Julie Clopper/shutterstock

Add some heat to this sweet sandwich with sriracha sauce. A drizzle of this will give the PB&J a little kick—just don’t overdo it!

Cookie butter

Cookie Buttervia

You can replace your Jif or Skippy with this delicious, gingerbread-y cookie butter, or add another layer to your sandwich. Either way is pretty tasty! (Never heard of it? Find it near the peanut butter at Trader Joe’s or pick it up on Amazon.)


Aquarius Studio/Shutterstock

Go beyond cookie butter and try actual cookies! A few crumbled up chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps or shortbread are a great way to add crunch, sweetness, and flavor.

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