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15 McDonald’s Breakfast Items from Around the World

Mexico: McMolletes


A mollete is an open-faced sandwich. In Mexico, the McDonald’s version is topped with cheese, refried beans, pico de gallo, and a delicious Mexican sauce on the side.

Turkey: Breakfast platter

Turk Kahvaltı Tabagvia

This breakfast platter from the McDonald’s menu in Turkey looks pretty tasty and healthy. It comes with an English muffin, eggs, cucumber slices, butter and jam, cherry tomatoes, brined olives, and feta cheese cubes.

New Zealand: Big Brekkie Beef Burger

Big Brekkie Beef Burgervia

You better be really hungry if you order one of these. The Big Brekkie Beef Burger is a classic hamburger topped with an egg, cheese, a hash brown, BBQ sauce, and bacon. There’s one McDonald’s in the world that has a global menu, and this brave soul tried everything on it.

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