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15 Mistakes You’ll Probably Make This Thanksgiving

You won’t ask about dietary restrictions

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Apparently, your cousin has gone vegan since the last time you saw her, and the only thing on her plate is cranberry sauce—even your Brussels sprouts have bacon in them. Now she’s digging around in your cupboard for something, anything to eat with her cranberry sauce.

Here’s what to do: Everyone deserves the opportunity to stuff themselves until they burst on Thanksgiving, so double check with your guests about dietary restrictions beforehand. You’ll probably need to have at least one vegetarian-friendly or gluten-free dish on the table, but you can also request your guests bring a dish they can eat (and share). These are 14 foods nutritionists would never eat on Thanksgiving.

You’ll try to do everything yourself

Homemade butter pie crust in pie plate with fluted pinched edge, rolling pin and extra ball of dough over floured rustic wooden background. Crust has been perforated with fork and ready for baking.Stephanie Frey/Shutterstock

This is your big day to prove to your mother-in-law once and for all that you’re perfectly capable of cooking one simple meal, thankyouverymuch. So, of course, you want to pull out all the stops by making everything from scratch. Heck, you’ll even churn the butter yourself.

Here’s what to do: Ask guests to bring a dish, and have your family help with the cooking and setup. It’s not admitting defeat, it’s just protecting your family from the inevitable meltdown you’ll have T-minus 30 minutes from mealtime.

Your gravy will be lumpy

Tasty turkey gravy in saucepanAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Ah, gravy, the finishing touch that pulls everything on your plate together and makes your (oops) dry turkey delicious. Too bad yours always ends up too lumpy or too thin.

Here’s what to do: The trick to getting gravy just right to take the drippings from your roasting pan (your turkey should set before you carve it anyway) and whisk in an equal amount of flour, according to Once that’s lump-free, keep whisking while you add the stock.

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