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15 No-Bake Thanksgiving Desserts That Will Save You Oven Space

On Thanksgiving, it's basically me versus my oven. I only have two racks in that sorry, old piece of machinery, which means that once my turkey goes in, there isn't space for much else. Though I can usually manage to get all my sides cooked before and after the turkey takes over, I'm left with hardly any time or oven space to make my desserts.

Instead of going pie-less (perish the thought!) on Thanksgiving, I rely on alternatives like desserts baked in slow-cookers or Instant Pots. And when I really want to make things easy on myself, I go the way of no-bake desserts. Though I haven't always been a fan of no-bake desserts, they've stolen my heart because of how easy and delicious they are. In fact, they're often equally as delicious as their baked counterparts. And these days, there are no-bake versions of all the Thanksgiving classics. Whether you swear by apple pie or pumpkin is the only pie you care about, there's a no-bake recipe out there for you.

These 15 ideas include everything you could possibly want on Turkey Day, and they don't require any oven space. They're so good, you'd even want to make them if you did have enough oven space.

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