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15 Thanksgiving Recipes with Secret Ingredients

Give one of the classics on your menu a little, delicious tweak, and your guests will be raving all dinner long.

Secret ingredient for turkey: honey

Bowl of honey on wooden table. Symbol of healthy living and natural medicine. Aromatic and tasty. Top view.Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

A honey glaze, flavored with rosemary and sage, creates a crispy, savory turkey skin while keeping the inside meat succulent and moist.

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Secret ingredient for sweet potatoes: pears

Fresh Raw red pear on brown woodKateryna Bibro/Shutterstock

Instead of topping your sweet potatoes with familiar marshmallows, blend a mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, and cooked or canned pears straight in for a light, sweet taste. Here’s the rest of the menu you should follow for the best Thanksgiving ever.

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Secret ingredient for mashed potatoes: apples

ripe green apples and apple slices on wooden gray background, top viewKucherAV/Shutterstock

Mash potatoes with tart, cooked apples and top with crisp bacon for a sweet-savory take on the classic.

Get the recipe from Taste of Home.

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