15 Things You Probably Aren’t Replacing Often Enough

Kitchen cutting boards


Like kitchen sponges, kitchen cutting boards take a beating and can harbor bacteria but many people don’t replace them for years (or even decades). Food Handler says, “Most important in cutting board safety is knowing when to replace the board. Once deep grooves form in the board, it is time to discard the board. These grooves are a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms.”

Your car tires


The average car needs new tires every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, but this can vary depending upon how often you drive and the conditions in which you drive. Kelley Blue Book recommends paying close attention to what sort of car you own, where and how you drive it, and how well you care for your tires.

Your car insurance company


Most people keep the same car insurance company for years, whether it’s the one your parent recommended when you got your first car or the one your partner had when you got married, says Kerri Moriarty, part of the founding team at Cinch Financial. “It’s one of those things you get and keep renewing each year, but the companies change their pricing strategies all the time. Just because it was the cheapest when you got it doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest now.” These are the summer items you need to get rid of when the season is over.

Cell phone provider


“Cell phone companies are always vying for your business,” says Moriarty, “fighting both to keep you and to convince you to switch.” In most areas, the coverage among the major carriers can be similar but it’s worth shopping around to see what promotions are going on, especially if you’re acquiring a new device, says Moriarty.

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