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15 Things You Should Always Buy at Aldi

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Aldi is rapidly expanding in the United States and for good reason. With a mission of providing easier ways to save money on high-quality groceries, they certainly deliver. Approximately 90 percent of Aldi’s products are exclusively store brand that mimic the taste and packaging of known companies. After checking with shopping experts and doing some research, we rounded up the best products that you should definitely reserve for your trip to Aldi. If this store is new to you, find out what exactly Aldi is and why everyone is talking about it.

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Aldi is known for selling affordable and delicious wine. In fact, there is an entire Aldi wine list dedicated to the bottles that have won various awards. Various Aldi-specific wines have won awards from Wine Spectator, The American Masters of Taste Awards, and the International Wine and Spirit Competition, among others, per the Aldi official website. Refinery29 reports there are more than 37 different wines at Aldi that cost less than $10, however, prices may vary per store. Before you stock up, read this buyer’s guide on the best Aldi wine.