15 Types of Boyfriends, Which one you are Dating ?!

There are many types of boyfriends, ranging from the wannabe front man to the overly cautious dude with everything in between. Funny to serious, overprotective to least bothered.No matter what kind of boyfriend you have it’s for sure that he is your special one.

Have a look at the list below the types of boyfriends to find out which category of boyfriend you have and which one do you related.

Types Of Boyfriends:

>1. Practical Man

This guy is someone who always needs a reason for everything and argues a lot over silly things. Sometimes it gets quite irritating as we believe that in love everything should be simple and sweet.

Romantic word is not even available in their life’s dictionary and isn’t generous towards you. Being practical, he only spends on what he feels as necessary and essential, and pay only on things he likes.

But these type of boyfriends is suitable as you have all the rights to be as silly and as playful as you want since he’ll be the one that is handling all the adultish things. And also having one such boyfriend you can stay rest assured that your future is in safe hands.

Practical Man

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>2. Possessive One

He cannot keep control of his anger. So, you might have noticed that your praiseworthy comments about someone else, especially about someone from the opposite gender, make him visibly uncomfortable quite upset.

Talking about others or a certain someone will irritate your man most of the times. He insists on knowing every single detail as to whom you were with when you would get back home, and with whom you come and leave from office.

From his behavior, you may feel that he wants complete control over you.

Possessive One

>3. Talkative Boyfriend

This type of boyfriend is one who always has something to talk about. You will never get bored with this type of boyfriend they will always keep you busy in their stories.

Enjoying the silence is not their cup of tea. They would instead describe the awkwardness of their silence in words rather than just quietly sitting and holding your hand.

They always have interesting stories from their childhood to what just happened a moment before kind of things. If you one of them who loves to listen to this type of boyfriend will never let you speak that’s for sure.

>4. Joyful

He is the one who always, always makes you laugh and that might be the exact reason you fell for him in the first place.

You will love him for his sense of humor. He can make you smile in every situation either it be a sad or serious one. He makes sure that your smile always stays with you whenever you guys are together.

>5. Busy Boyfriend

These are the ones who always occupied with their schedule, and it’s not always the work; they have time for everything else other than their girlfriend.

They go to the gym, office, parties, etc. Also, they are always up to something or the other whenever their girlfriends call them for outing, meeting or dates.

Their girlfriends crave for time and attention, but these busy ones never seem to care much.

>6. Sensitive One

There are only quite a few to this kind of guys remaining. The way society has always expected guys to be energetic masculine beings they randomly show their inner emotions.

Sensitive boyfriends are those who express their feelings to you without hiding even their weakness.

Similarly, they always take care of you, and your feelings. Also, your thoughts matter for them always as they are emotional kind of beings, they will make sure never to hurt you purposely.

>7. Desperate

Most of the boys from this category belong to Road Romeo kind. They need to be in a relationship with some girl or the other.

You find these guys are with a new girl as soon as they break up with one. This kind of boyfriends usually rush into everything, and you may feel like things are happening fast as soon as you got into a relationship with one such person.


>8. Attention Loving Boyfriend

As the name says they always demand your attention.No matter whatever you are doing, he still wants to be there. He ever expects that you should be available whenever he tries to reach you may it be through calls or texts.

If you are busy, he would still expect you to give him preference first. So he tries to make sure that he catches your attention may it be by providing gifts to doing something unique that you may like.

>9. Geeky One

The one who is like a nerd and always talks about games, techie tech things. He gets super excited with the release of some new video games, or maybe new Marvel movie or novel.

He always knows which product will be released next and has all collectibles from his favorite series, and needless to say, they will still hold a position higher than you in his life. But if he is a caring, loving boyfriend that you got that shouldn’t matter much right.. wink wink!

Geeky One

>10. Dirty talks lover

By this, I certainly don’t mean that he does sex talks all the time, what I want to say is he is the naughty one kind.

He somehow manages to get every conversation from average to dirty one real quick, of course considering the situation and seriousness of the case.

These kind of boyfriends are speedy witted ones, and they manage to get double meaning out if any simple sentence that you may say.

>11. Mumma’s Boy

There is nothing wrong with loving your Mom.

Most women like the men who treat their mom with respect. We think that such a man will always treat every other woman with the same respect.

He always considers only his mom’s opinion is correct no matter what. He recommends you to take a lesson from his mom about how to clean, prepare food and take care of him.

Loving his mother is not a problem but as we know too much of anything is good for nothing. Similarly, if he is always comparing you with his mom for everything from smallest to the biggest things.

Insists that you get along with his mom, or he can’t get along with you. Says he wants a woman just like his mom.

Mumma’s Boy

>12. Selfish

The Selfish kind of guy will never offer you his coat if you’re in the cold. He’ll always ask you for “little favors” but never seems to do anything back for you ever.

He will always think of his comfort first if you ever ask for some help. Irrespective of whatever the situation comes he will himself be his first preference every time.

If you found yourself dating a selfish guy, you better hope that he’s got some other fantastic quality that makes it worth it.

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>13. Best Friend

These are the ones who will never let you miss your girl besties. They are always up for gossips, help you choose your perfect dress for any occasion and playing fun games. Also, they are always up for any fun activities that you can do with your girl best friend.

From happiest to the saddest moment he is still there to cheer you up. You can consider yourself very lucky if you one such boyfriend.

>14. Combination One

This is a general kind one, out of all the types mentioned above there are few people out there who have maybe two three or few more points all in combination in small little quantities. Nothing special to have one such boyfriend but yes you can be with them for different qualities they possess which you like.

Combination One

>15. Ideal One

This is types of boyfriends every girl will ever wish to have. He is the one with great looks handsome, tall, sturdy, the one who is intelligent, smart, who is adventurous, travel freak, foodie. The one who is caring, loving, understanding, who has a great job, high salary.

He remembers every small detail about you, gifts you on every occasion, takes you on beautiful dates. And yes, of course, non-existent in this whole world, or maybe existent. They are very unique and special in the types of boyfriends listed.

Trust me, girls, if anyone of you has such a boyfriend, you are the blessed one Make sure never to lose him. Being in a relationship with the men is itself a long journey if you are serious for him. So above we already listed 15 types of boyfriends.

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