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15 Ways You Can Change Your Eating Habits in Just One Day

Don’t forget breakfast


Even if you’re not a morning eater, try your hardest to eat a little something for breakfast; it can go a long way in keeping your healthy eating habits on track. “My clients who eat breakfast tend to have better control throughout the rest of the day than those who don’t,” says Mills. Eat something that contains protein and fiber and is low in sugar. A veggie omelet, whole grain toast with peanut butter, low fat yogurt with fortified cereal, or these high-protein breakfast ideas are all smart choices that will keep you full until lunch.

Make healthy food swaps


Swapping out caloric spreads and toppings for lighter, healthier options doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice flavor. Instead of butter on your toast or mayo on your sandwich, try spreading hummus on your bread; it’s lower in fat, higher in protein, and packed with flavor. Instead of topping your yogurt with granola, which is often high in sugar, fat, and even salt, spoon a dollop of peanut butter on top and add sliced banana or apple; you’ll get natural sweetness with an extra boost of protein and vitamins. “Low-fat Greek yogurt with fresh grapes and peanut butter or chopped peanuts tastes just like a peanut butter sandwich,” says Mills. These are signs you’re eating too much bad fat.

Bring your lunch


A bagged lunch from home is an easy way to monitor what you’re eating, plus save you a few bucks. Set a reminder on your phone to go off after dinner, then take a few minutes to make a salad or your own bowl (brown rice or quinoa topped with veggies and a protein). Or make a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday with this creative trick. “Use segmented plastic-ware to make a spread of whole grain crackers or whole wheat pita, veggie sticks, fruit, and hummus or a few pieces of cheese. You’ve got a variety of flavors, textures, and shapes that keep it interesting,” says Mills.

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