16 Easy Ways You Can Lose Weight Walking

Walking may be the most popular form of exercise, but that doesn’t stop it from getting a little boring. Challenge your workout with these new ideas to walk off the weight.

The Meet-You-There Walk

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Instead of driving with your spouse to the market or some other nearby destination, leave a bit earlier on foot and meet him there, then catch a ride back home.

First step: If you normally walk a three-mile loop in the neighborhood, draw a circle on a map extending that far out in all directions from your home. This is your sphere of possibility (and it’ll grow larger as you get fitter).

The Errand Walk

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Instead of walking to get in shape, once or twice a week, walk to get things done. The ATM, the supermarket, the post office, the nail salon. This is healthy, stress-free multitasking at its best.

First step:
You’ll need something to carry your stuff, so get a backpack, or buy a chic and eco-friendly market basket (try Don’t miss these other ways to make your walking routine even healthier.

The Reverse Walk


We are creatures of habit. Break yours by occasionally walking your normal route in the other direction. It not only beats boredom, but it’ll wake you up to the world around you by helping you see things from fresh angles—and you’ll lose weight walking.

First step: Go left instead of right when you take your first step. Make a point to notice three things you never observed from the opposite direction.

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