16 Etiquette Rules Brides and Grooms Need to Stop Breaking

Keep the bachelor/bachelorette party affordable

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“Deciding to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party at a destination location where each invitee is expected to pay for their flight, part of the hotel room fee, and any activities you decided upon can quickly qualify you as a groom or bridezilla,” Cooper says. “Additionally, if some members of your wedding party express they may not be able to afford attending your party and you get upset (or worse, remove them from the wedding party), this is a clear sign you’ve become a nightmare to be around.” Need help staying sane as the big day draws near? Try these tips.

Stop comparing your wedding to ones you see on social media or have attended

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“Each wedding is unique, and every event creates a wagonload of unique feelings and emotions,” Bessonowa says. “Stop thinking about what was good or bad at the wedding you have attended or heard about. Think about how to create positive emotions at your own wedding and make your guests happy.”

Let your wedding parties be themselves

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Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer, co-hosts of The Secret Life of Weddings podcast, say they’ve heard stories of brides encouraging all their bridesmaids to lose weight for the wedding or insisting the members of the wedding party change their hair color or cover up tattoos. “You asked these people to be part of your wedding party because of who they are as individuals,” they advise. “Don’t try to change them.”

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