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16 Foods You Should Never Keep in the Freezer


Natural yogurt on the white wooden table top viewKarpenkov Denis/Shutterstock

Health-wise, there’s nothing wrong with popping a tub of yogurt in the freezer before it expires. The good news is, freezing yogurt doesn’t kill its healthy live and active cultures, but the bad news is that when it’s thawed, the texture will lose its creaminess and become grainy. Also, if you were hoping to create a freezer-ready treat similar to fro-yo, you’ll be disappointed. Regular yogurt has more water than the ones you’d buy frozen, leaving an icy block when you try to give yourself a scoop. Instead, try these 14 healthy and refreshing frozen desserts.


raw italian pasta variety overhead uncooked gluten free pasta on baking dish casanisa/Shutterstock

You won’t get sick from eating thawed leftover pasta, but you might not want to eat it. Most pasta will get mushy when you take it out of the freezer, though you might have luck with noodles that are cooked al dente.

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