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16 Healthy Halloween Candy Swaps That Won’t Get Your House Egged

No, we’re not recommending handing out boxes or raisins or quarters this Halloween! There’s a growing number of healthier Halloween treats that kids (and adults!) will actually love—and there’s no bouncing off the walls followed by a major crash involved.

Instead of microwave popcorn, try SkinnyPop Popcorn

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SkinnyPop popcorn is an oft-recommended alternative to traditional microwave popcorn by health experts, and now it comes in portion controlled (and Halloween-friendly) multipacks. The filler-free popcorn packs are made without GMOs, gluten, dairy, or preservatives. SkinnyPop is also Teal Pumpkin Project-approved, meaning it’s free of all major allergens.

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Instead of Kraft Jet-Puffed Miniature Marshmallows, try Smashmallow

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Smashmallow makes highbrow alternatives to traditional marshmallows. Not only do they come in a relatively long list of flavors like cinnamon churro and meyer lemon poppy seed, but they’re made without a long list of chemicals. Note, however, that marshmallows are still marshmallows—even if they’re called Smashmallows—so the number one ingredient in these is still sugar (albeit organic sugar). So remember to stick to one serving (30g or four marshmallows for a total 90 calories and 14g of sugar).

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Instead of Rice Crispy Treats, try Smash Crispy Marshmallow Treats

We don’t have to tell you that Rice Crispy Treats are not a good option, but because the love for snap, crackle, pop runs deep, we have an unbelievable doppelganger for you: Smash Crispy marshmallow treats. Also made by Smashmallow, they’re low in fat, contain organic cane sugar, and come in three flavors: cinnamon churro, strawberries & cream, and mint chocolate chip.

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