16 Leap Year Date Ideas

Create a time capsule

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Many people choose a special event or day of the year to create a time capsule, such as the turn of a new year or, better yet, a decade. Since Leap Year only comes around once every four years, it’s the perfect opportunity to make one; just make sure you put it in a location that you’ll be able to retrieve it from years down the line. “Consider an attic or basement location that’s hidden from easy view, and be sure to make some notes to yourself,” says Kathy McMahon, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and president of Couples Therapy Inc. Of course, you could also bury it in your backyard; just make sure that the container is weatherproof. Here are 11 creative outdoor date ideas to try when the weather’s nice.

Splurge on a spa day

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At this time of year, many spas are offering discounts to get more people in the door. There’s no better way to relax with the one you love than to book yourselves a treatment, whether it’s a body scrub, a massage, or something less expensive that also allows you to enjoy the spa’s other offerings, such as the saunas and ice rooms, suggests Stef Safran, a Chicago-based matchmaker and the founder of Stef and the City. If your budget allows, head to one of these most luxurious spas in the world.

Attend a hot yoga class

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Ready to reap the benefits of those feel-good endorphins that surge through your body after a hot and sweaty yoga class? Yoga is not only a great physical activity for your health—it’s also a great way to bond and can improve your intimacy, according to Katie Ziskind, a holistic marriage and family therapist and the owner of Wisdom Within Counseling in Niantic, Connecticut. “Yoga with your partner can increase playfulness, as well as flexibility in your spine—plus, it can bring some humor and cheerfulness into a busy workday,” she adds. By the way, these soothing yoga poses can actually help you sleep better.

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